Mattress Covers For Dust Mites

Mattress Covers For Dust Mites You might not see the dust mites in your bed, but they might be there. If you notice that you tend to sneeze a lot, itch, or get red and teary eyes when in bed, you might have a serious dust mite infestation. Purchase mattress covers for dust mites from SleepClean for a good night's rest.

Stop Itching And Allergies with Mattress Covers For Dust Mites
Dust mites are microscopic organisms that live in carpets and beds because they feed on dead skin cells, which you shed every day. In fact, an average human being sheds approximately 1.5 grams of skin each day, making your bed an excellent source of food for those creatures. You can take measures to prevent them from infesting and breeding in your bed by using mattress covers for dust mites.
Mattress covers can be your first line of defence against allergies and respiratory problems caused by dust mites. The symptoms of sensitivity or allergies to dust mites are red and watery eyes, a sore throat, skin rashes and itching, breathing problems and coughing, and allergic rhinitis, which is often characterized by a runny and itchy nose with sneezing. Asthma sufferers may find that their condition has worsened and attacks have become frequent.
A study found that children with asthma required less medication when they started using mattress covers that can fend off the dust mites. Further testing revealed that dust mite colonies dwindled because of mattress covers, too. Anti-dust mite covers can be made of 100 percent organic cotton or stretch knit fabric, both of which are breathable and can be a great investment if you want to improve your health.
Buy mattress covers for dust mites here at SleepClean. Our family-owned and managed Canadian business supplies and manufactures high-quality allergy relief and bed bug control bedding products, like mattresses, mattress covers, and pillows. SleepClean ships worldwide. In fact, we have customers across Europe, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and Australia. We constantly test new fabrics and products, and we work closely with certain manufacturers to ensure consistent and high quality control.

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